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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Hey gang, buds… lizard. Where do you want to go? Why should I care? Well I do. The three main places I want to go to are… London! New York and Paris! I know I know, it seems like places everyone wants to go to. But to me… Only dreamers can work hard to achieve that goal. Unless you live there. Dream crusher! Anyways there’s a lot of places I want to go to. Considering I’m only 10 I can’t go there by myself. But I’m going to save money so when I’m like 18 years old I’ll go myself. Like to Paris. When I am in New York I’ll go with friends. When I go to others places maybe I’ll go by myself or with friends. Depending where I want to go. In the city and the actual city. Other places I want to go to… Wait let me think! You are very impatient! Ya I said that! Orlando. That’s honestly all I can think of. Well that’s it. Comment down below where you want to go! Bye!


Sorry if I haven’t ( actually I didn’t) Write in a while. But I have been busy. ( Or just really distracted) Well excuse me for being really distrac’ I mean busy. Today we talk about… Candy!!! Duhn, duhn and duhn… Well anyways maybe you have a sweet tooth!( maybe you don’t. Hmmm ) Well I like lots of different candies and chocolates, But I think I like choco’ or maybe cand’… Ya know, Ireally don’t know. Honestly. But I LOVE car-a-mel. Awesome!! It’s so soft and yummy( did I mention I’m 10 years old?). It just’s melt’s in your mouth. Sometimes it doesn’t. Eh. Who cares? ( do you?) Well I like soccer. Bet you didn’t know that! Well anyway’s that’s it for today!! Spread the word about my blog!! Who knows maybe you like skunk’s. Well that was awkward. Leave a comment down below stating what you favourite candy or chocolate! Bye and goodnight!!

As you Know I like to do daily updates on my blog. But right now I only have 5 min’s to get my  blog posted so… Joke of the day!!! Who do you listen to but never believe? ( I don’t know, who?) The weather man! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Funny! Now I have to go… So spread the word about my blog and goodnight everybody AAA. Goodnight!

Welcome the most awesome blog in the UNIVERSE!!!! Okay not really, but while we’re talking about me. I have 1 question 4 u!!! What toys do you play with? Hmmmmm? Yeah I thought so. But anyways I Like a lot of things apparently. So let’s get to it! Shall we? If you don’t know what to say after ” shall we?” it’s okay neither do I. Well Iike LPS. That stand’s for littlest pet shop. Have you heard of it? No? Okay then, this is not going to work out. You are so hard to get along with. I also happen to like American Girl Dolls. Do you have a problem with that? Huh? Yeah… Sure. You probably thinking… ” I’m just going to stop reading”. Well you what you can. Ya know why? I know you’ll be back… Just wait and see… Also I’m chill. Ya you heard me! Chill. (Seriously what goes on in your brain?) Others, Barbie one of the oldest toys in the world. I have… Sorry, I didn’t count. Not that I need to… I just don’t want to. That’s all. Stop accusing me of being lazy. It’s over!!! No seriously I have to stop writing. Toodle Dee Loo!

Well it’s been a while huh? Actually no it’s only been like 22 hours! I said I would be doing daily updates about my blog so… There you go (they’re and their) Ya that’s right there are three there’s. ( their and they’re). Wow you can see lot’s of T’s in this post. Or any post really. So youtube. You can literally browse all day trying to find a suitable video you want to watch. Who knows what youtube means. The creator of youtube probably does. Why not search that up! wait,wait, wait!!!! Finish reading tho blog first. Rude. As I was saying… You just think. You can search up whatever. Even a show. But as soon you get youtube you just sit with your laptop( Ipad, phone, tablet) kinda thinking… ” What was I going to watch again?”. Yep, that’s the question I ask myself every single time. So then since I’m sitting there not knowing what to watch… I click on ” how to make things mini size things”. Actually it’s very fascinating. Though she wastes a lot of hot glue. The firm kind. Then I watch NigaHiga dares. But that’s it today. I know your sad. Save your tears. Bye!!!!!!

So how are you doing today pal? Well this is not about you. Now today’s topic!!!!! Hobbies! Just to be clear I’m working on my email so you can send me stuff. Hey! It’s more complicating than you think! Okay not really. But still. Okay so my hobbies… Art,dancing(jazz and a little bit of ballet. Okay maybe contemporary), Writing, reading, soccer and baking!Why not tell me about your hobbies! When I tell you my email you can send me your list of hobbies!Well today was fun! Now I got to say bye. Well… Bye!!!

Recently I got a new dog! Well not new. It’s actually my first dog. Anyway’s, his name is Ottis and he is a big dog. He’s a bullmaster. But he’s only three. Yet he is still so big. But at (certain) times he looks so adorable! That is when my Mom makes Ottis go outside and he wants to come in. He’ll wait and I really want to let him in but I can’t. Considering  I’m actually only 10. So that’s interesting… Actually it really is. I waited 2 years to make a blog and now I started it! My dog is so sweet and really likes his food. How do I say this?… He is an eater. Actually my Dad calls him a leaner because when people pet him ( as in family) he leans on people ’cause he thinks it feels good! As I call him a sausage. I will be making an email for my website so you can share your laughing memories! I’ll tell you when it’s ready so you can do that. Well that’s all for today. Hey! Spread the word about my life’s laughing blog so ya. Thanks, bye!