Recently I got a new dog! Well not new. It’s actually my first dog. Anyway’s, his name is Ottis and he is a big dog. He’s a bullmaster. But he’s only three. Yet he is still so big. But at (certain) times he looks so adorable! That is when my Mom makes Ottis go outside and he wants to come in. He’ll wait and I really want to let him in but I can’t. Considering  I’m actually only 10. So that’s interesting… Actually it really is. I waited 2 years to make a blog and now I started it! My dog is so sweet and really likes his food. How do I say this?… He is an eater. Actually my Dad calls him a leaner because when people pet him ( as in family) he leans on people ’cause he thinks it feels good! As I call him a sausage. I will be making an email for my website so you can share your laughing memories! I’ll tell you when it’s ready so you can do that. Well that’s all for today. Hey! Spread the word about my life’s laughing blog so ya. Thanks, bye!