Well it’s been a while huh? Actually no it’s only been like 22 hours! I said I would be doing daily updates about my blog so… There you go (they’re and their) Ya that’s right there are three there’s. ( their and they’re). Wow you can see lot’s of T’s in this post. Or any post really. So youtube. You can literally browse all day trying to find a suitable video you want to watch. Who knows what youtube means. The creator of youtube probably does. Why not search that up! wait,wait, wait!!!! Finish reading tho blog first. Rude. As I was saying… You just think. You can search up whatever. Even a show. But as soon you get youtube you just sit with your laptop( Ipad, phone, tablet) kinda thinking… ” What was I going to watch again?”. Yep, that’s the question I ask myself every single time. So then since I’m sitting there not knowing what to watch… I click on ” how to make things mini size things”. Actually it’s very fascinating. Though she wastes a lot of hot glue. The firm kind. Then I watch NigaHiga dares. But that’s it today. I know your sad. Save your tears. Bye!!!!!!