Welcome the most awesome blog in the UNIVERSE!!!! Okay not really, but while we’re talking about me. I have 1 question 4 u!!! What toys do you play with? Hmmmmm? Yeah I thought so. But anyways I Like a lot of things apparently. So let’s get to it! Shall we? If you don’t know what to say after ” shall we?” it’s okay neither do I. Well Iike LPS. That stand’s for littlest pet shop. Have you heard of it? No? Okay then, this is not going to work out. You are so hard to get along with. I also happen to like American Girl Dolls. Do you have a problem with that? Huh? Yeah… Sure. You probably thinking… ” I’m just going to stop reading”. Well you what you can. Ya know why? I know you’ll be back… Just wait and see… Also I’m chill. Ya you heard me! Chill. (Seriously what goes on in your brain?) Others, Barbie one of the oldest toys in the world. I have… Sorry, I didn’t count. Not that I need to… I just don’t want to. That’s all. Stop accusing me of being lazy. It’s over!!! No seriously I have to stop writing. Toodle Dee Loo!