Sorry if I haven’t ( actually I didn’t) Write in a while. But I have been busy. ( Or just really distracted) Well excuse me for being really distrac’ I mean busy. Today we talk about… Candy!!! Duhn, duhn and duhn… Well anyways maybe you have a sweet tooth!( maybe you don’t. Hmmm ) Well I like lots of different candies and chocolates, But I think I like choco’ or maybe cand’… Ya know, Ireally don’t know. Honestly. But I LOVE car-a-mel. Awesome!! It’s so soft and yummy( did I mention I’m 10 years old?). It just’s melt’s in your mouth. Sometimes it doesn’t. Eh. Who cares? ( do you?) Well I like soccer. Bet you didn’t know that! Well anyway’s that’s it for today!! Spread the word about my blog!! Who knows maybe you like skunk’s. Well that was awkward. Leave a comment down below stating what you favourite candy or chocolate! Bye and goodnight!!