Hey gang, buds… lizard. Where do you want to go? Why should I care? Well I do. The three main places I want to go to are… London! New York and Paris! I know I know, it seems like places everyone wants to go to. But to me… Only dreamers can work hard to achieve that goal. Unless you live there. Dream crusher! Anyways there’s a lot of places I want to go to. Considering I’m only 10 I can’t go there by myself. But I’m going to save money so when I’m like 18 years old I’ll go myself. Like to Paris. When I am in New York I’ll go with friends. When I go to others places maybe I’ll go by myself or with friends. Depending where I want to go. In the city and the actual city. Other places I want to go to… Wait let me think! You are very impatient! Ya I said that! Orlando. That’s honestly all I can think of. Well that’s it. Comment down below where you want to go! Bye!