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Welcome my cluster of bats… I trust that you read my DIY blogpost.Now to a evening full of spooky stories that I’m going to tell you my Bats. Yet it will still be kinda funny.

1: It was a sunny morning and a family was staying in Edmonton for a week. So they walked into the hotel to check in. ” Good afternoon sir” the person who worked at the front desk. he had an accent as if he were Dracula. he gave the Dad their room keys and warned them to not open the door after midnight. It was close to Halloween. he was probably just kidding with him. Marley(the dad) led his family up to their room. Of course by then it about 5:36 PM so they decided to have dinner. After a pleasant meal they walked back up to shower and maybe watch a bit of TV. As soon the movie was done the kids were past out. The went to the washroom and the Mom couldn’t lift her eyelid one more second(it’s 11:59 PM). The kids were sleeping and everything was fine until there was a sudden knock at the door. The ignored the first time but soon after there was the knock again even louder than before. The dad got up and looked through the peephole but saw nothing. Sleepily he got back into bed, still the kids and Mom sleeping happily away not aware a someone just knocked at the door. Suddenly a while later(3:25 PM) an even louder knock sounded. The dad really didn’t want to put up with some silly Halloween joke but decided to atleast check the peephole. Nothing. Pure darkness. He would’ve sleepwalked back to bed if it wasn’t for the sudden squeaking noise. Everything would be fine if he went back to bed. First he checked on his kids. Of course, dreaming away happily not even the slightest bit aware of what was going on. It was fine. At 4:53 AM there you could hear it next door. Possibly the loudest knock you could ever hear in a hotel. The Dad had enough! He stumbled out of bed hoping not to wake up the people staying a level below. Mad, he got up and opened the door like no other person would. I never got the whole story but the kids and wife woke up, the room door opened but the Dad not knowing to be. Legend has it Marley still hauntes the hotel of Wetherberry.

Okay guys that wasn’t a true story and sorry if I scared you. Um… Have a spooky and safe Halloween!! Bye!!!


Hey highly sensitive people! That’s not a good thang!

It really isn’t.

I just kidding!(I’m not) Today’s tooooppppiiiiiccccccc… Drumroll pleaseee!!!!! DIY projects! If you are not familiar with the term why you even click on this post? Anyway’s today were going to learn how to make…

1)Water marble stickers

2)How to spice up a jar

3)Room decor

4)Desk decor. so things for your desk

5)DIY school supplies

So first off… Water marble!

Materials: Small glass bowl or plastic, nail polish your colour choice and water.

Instructions: Pour water into the bowl. Room tempurture water works the best I find. Start dropping little drops of nail polish into the water. Don’t drop it from high above, about a centimeter above will do. Do as many drips as you like and let it dry. After about a hour take it out and stick on any flat surface.


Materials: school glue, acrylic paint (food colouring) glass jar or glass bottle plastic spoon or something to stir with.

First, put your wet glue into bowl. Put food colouring or acrylic paint into glue. Take spoon and stir to get the colour glue you wanted. When done stirring put in a bag or empty squeeze bottle and put glue into bottle and take jar and do any design you want. After you can you it as a cup or pencil holder. Okay I am realllllyyyyyyyy sorry but it’s getting late and I need to go I’ll tell you the rest of my DIY’s next post. Bye!

Hey people of the world! Just to be clear I’m not by “people of the world!” I’m not calling you special. But I know you are! But I’m the star of the show here. So… don’t even try. Anyway’s if you are reading this at the right time you will know I am writing at 4:00 right now. Even though by the I’ll post this it’ll be like 4:35 or something. But today I was watching youtube and the channel I was watching was called “SarahBeautycorner”. I was watching her give a tutorial on how to do your nails even without nail tools. So if your a girl and you like to do your nails then go check her out on youtube. She also shows you how to paint different designs like 1D for example. Hey! Don’t leave my blog yet! But actually last Sunday I got a new outfit. So I got burgundy coloured jeans, a lighter raspberry coloured turtleneck and a pair of brown ankle hight boots. But then I was watching nail tutorials so suddenly I wanted to paint my nails. So I went through some nail polish and found a raspberry colour, baby blue and light cotton candy pink. I decided to paint it raspberry and put blue and pink polka-dots. In the end it went with my outfit and it looked great. I’m definitely going to wear it to school so I guess I got my outfit all planned! So I have to stop writing now but try to write tomorrow. So… Bye!

I am sorry for not writing in a couple or few day’s, but I have been quite busy. Okay I can’t actually name the thing’s I’ve been busy with. All I know is I haven’t actually had time to write, so… that’s my explanation. Anyway’s today’s topic is just updates of what’s happening in my life right now.By the way I will be opening up a new kind of theme, I guess you could call it. I will be giving you advice about your problems in your life.Now I am doing this not only because I want to be a better blogger but because I want to help you with your problems. It super simple all you need to do is comment down below your problem and I’ll try as best as I can to give you the right advice. Or you could tell me you want me to give you suggestion’s and you can pick what you think is the right thing to do. Else just do what makes you feel comfortable with. Now that’s advice! So recently nothing special has happened, but depending on the time you’re reading this yesterday a slept over at my Aunt’s house. That’s basically all that’s happened since my last blog post. I literally had more to say about my new advice theme than about my latest updates in life! Though I can’t be sure. But who cares? Well guess what? I do! Anyway’s I don’t think there is anything else. But I know I will be doing another one of these update blog post. Actually I guess getting into blogging was my “recent” update. But I probably won’t be doing a update blog post in a little ¬†while. So don’t count on there being a post tomorrow. Or the next day. Actually if I even get to writing a post tomorrow I would be surprised! Anyway’s don’y forget to comment, check my other posts and don’t count on there being a post tomorrow! Bye!

Hello! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I had a wonderful day. First I woke up. It started as a normal day. I was sleeping over at my grandma’s(Popo) house. It was good because we were having our dinner here so really, I just needed clothes and maybe a few thing’s to keep me occupied. Honestly we didn’t start getting all festive until about 4:30. That’s when my Aunt put the ham in. Usually we don’t have ham. Just turkey but this was my first year back home. Ya see, I was born here and ¬†then moved away for 7 years. Then my Dad got a job offer so we moved back. We (as in me and my family) moved here(where I live) last October. Not that you should care. Well you’re reading it anyway’s. Don’t you dare click the back button! Or else. So when my Mom brought the turkey over( including: Stuffing, mash potatoes and bakes butter biscuit’s) we were all set to eat! Except my Dad wasn’t there yet so we all kinda just sat around. After a while (6:30) we all began to eat. It was so gooooooood! It was like, gourmet! Absolutely awesomely delicious! Anyway’s after that we all sat because we were all so full. Oh, actually I forgot to tell you! Popo, my 3 aunt’s, 1 uncle and parent’s (sister) were all there. If you wanted to see more of my relatives there would be lot’s more! Lot’s. Believe me or not! There is. Trust me. Now that we got that out of the way. One of my Aunt’s had a birthday today so she received a gigantic fruit basket of cut up fruit’s. It was awesome! She let us eat some. There was 7 pieces of fruit dipped in white and dark chocolate! I tasted one and it was delicious! Sorry, but I gotta go. But I’ll write tomorrow hopefully. So bye! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey buddy’s and brochacho’s. Today I’m back with another AFBP! I will tell you all the riddle answer’s that I told yesterday. If you did not see yesterday’s blog post go see it. Now don’t be so slow(gosh). Well the first riddle was ” what get’s wetter as it dries?” A towel. If you cheated and looked at the answer before I posted this certainly entertaining blog post( ooooo I should make that CEBP) than you a amazing cheater! ( if you ever do it again you are done for) You are very smart! Although I hoping you wouldn’t do that. If you did not good for you! You are done for. and not an amazing cheater! That’s a good thing. Don’t change!! Never chan- actually you can. Never mind! Heh. Well riddle #2 what is yours but is used more by other`s. Your name! Okay I know I wrote I would tell you ALL the answer`s… But, no. Just no. I suppose I could tell you guy`s the rest tomorrow. Ya I`ll do that. Okay that`s it for today. For a shout out (to the world) comment down below your favourite riddle or joke and I`ll try to figure it out. Okay bye!!

Today I rescue you from a day of sitting around. Also known as “sitting around doing nothing”. As you (hopefully) realized that I am writing an early blog post. Usually I will start writing at 8:00. But today we talk about letter’s and sign’s and stuff. So first there’s AFBP. That stands for awesomely funny or fabtastic blog post. Then there’s AYKM ( are you kidding me?). It’ll come in handy. I think. Anyway’s here’s a list of other stuff. Ya. TACP( take a chill pill), DITH( drama in the house), SGHAR( seriously go home and relax) and last but not lest (for now!) MIRNSOB ( move it right now sister or brother). So that’s all the stuff. Bye! Wait a minute. There still time. Well this isn’t over I guess. Other stuff to talk about. Really I have nothing. But I guess I could tell a bunch of jokes. Unless you’re a debbie downer. Actually I’ll tell you a bunch of riddles. What get’s wetter as it dries? ( all of these I’ll tell you answer next blog post) What is your’s but is used more by other’s? Everyone has it, and you can’t lose it. What is it? Honestly I’m tired so I’ll hopefully see you tomorrow! Finally, goodbye.!