Wha’ sup Ameigo! I am here with another amazingly funny blog post. Or as I say a AFBP. It stands for amazingly funny( fabtastic ) blog post. Fabtastic is fantastic and fabulous put or mixed together. Yeah that’s right. I put 2 words together. I’m smart. Like all you other people… When is it going to be about me. Well I’m writing da’ blog. so. What do I have to lose! Nothing!!! Oh right… Today’s topic( that I almost forgot) powers!! Do you have any! Probably not were all the same. Except for everything we… Do, like and basically everything! Don’t you dare judge. I’m a tiger fire, dancing through da’… okay that’s enough. Powers. Right. Do want any special powers! That are actually special and not like… The power to talk. ‘Cause let’s face it we all do it. It’s not rocket science. And I should know. I don’t even know what rocket science is. Honestly… Is it actually a thing or is it just a catch phrase! Well you should know. Ugh. Well this is sad but… Bye. Goodnight. Go.