Believe or not WBBITW stands for worlds best blogger in the world! Now today we talk about what you like to do with your free time! Heh heh. Now three mian things I like to do on my spare time. 1: Sit in front of the TV and get a snack and drink. 2: read a good book because a good book is a… good book. Ya. 3: Write a story or hang out with my family. What do you usually do? I do ask what you do or like or want or play with and so on. Only because I’m a curios kid. Hater’s back off! Or so Miranda Sing’s says. You I have a homework project for you. It’s not boring. Actually all you have to do is sit on your coach and watch something and I’ll give you till 12:00 AM to do just, that. So I need to goooo nowww so ya. Bye. Can you just go now.