Today I rescue you from a day of sitting around. Also known as “sitting around doing nothing”. As you (hopefully) realized that I am writing an early blog post. Usually I will start writing at 8:00. But today we talk about letter’s and sign’s and stuff. So first there’s AFBP. That stands for awesomely funny or fabtastic blog post. Then there’s AYKM ( are you kidding me?). It’ll come in handy. I think. Anyway’s here’s a list of other stuff. Ya. TACP( take a chill pill), DITH( drama in the house), SGHAR( seriously go home and relax) and last but not lest (for now!) MIRNSOB ( move it right now sister or brother). So that’s all the stuff. Bye! Wait a minute. There still time. Well this isn’t over I guess. Other stuff to talk about. Really I have nothing. But I guess I could tell a bunch of jokes. Unless you’re a debbie downer. Actually I’ll tell you a bunch of riddles. What get’s wetter as it dries? ( all of these I’ll tell you answer next blog post) What is your’s but is used more by other’s? Everyone has it, and you can’t lose it. What is it? Honestly I’m tired so I’ll hopefully see you tomorrow! Finally, goodbye.!