Hey buddy’s and brochacho’s. Today I’m back with another AFBP! I will tell you all the riddle answer’s that I told yesterday. If you did not see yesterday’s blog post go see it. Now don’t be so slow(gosh). Well the first riddle was ” what get’s wetter as it dries?” A towel. If you cheated and looked at the answer before I posted this certainly entertaining blog post( ooooo I should make that CEBP) than you a amazing cheater! ( if you ever do it again you are done for) You are very smart! Although I hoping you wouldn’t do that. If you did not good for you! You are done for. and not an amazing cheater! That’s a good thing. Don’t change!! Never chan- actually you can. Never mind! Heh. Well riddle #2 what is yours but is used more by other`s. Your name! Okay I know I wrote I would tell you ALL the answer`s… But, no. Just no. I suppose I could tell you guy`s the rest tomorrow. Ya I`ll do that. Okay that`s it for today. For a shout out (to the world) comment down below your favourite riddle or joke and I`ll try to figure it out. Okay bye!!