Hello! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I had a wonderful day. First I woke up. It started as a normal day. I was sleeping over at my grandma’s(Popo) house. It was good because we were having our dinner here so really, I just needed clothes and maybe a few thing’s to keep me occupied. Honestly we didn’t start getting all festive until about 4:30. That’s when my Aunt put the ham in. Usually we don’t have ham. Just turkey but this was my first year back home. Ya see, I was born here and  then moved away for 7 years. Then my Dad got a job offer so we moved back. We (as in me and my family) moved here(where I live) last October. Not that you should care. Well you’re reading it anyway’s. Don’t you dare click the back button! Or else. So when my Mom brought the turkey over( including: Stuffing, mash potatoes and bakes butter biscuit’s) we were all set to eat! Except my Dad wasn’t there yet so we all kinda just sat around. After a while (6:30) we all began to eat. It was so gooooooood! It was like, gourmet! Absolutely awesomely delicious! Anyway’s after that we all sat because we were all so full. Oh, actually I forgot to tell you! Popo, my 3 aunt’s, 1 uncle and parent’s (sister) were all there. If you wanted to see more of my relatives there would be lot’s more! Lot’s. Believe me or not! There is. Trust me. Now that we got that out of the way. One of my Aunt’s had a birthday today so she received a gigantic fruit basket of cut up fruit’s. It was awesome! She let us eat some. There was 7 pieces of fruit dipped in white and dark chocolate! I tasted one and it was delicious! Sorry, but I gotta go. But I’ll write tomorrow hopefully. So bye! Happy Thanksgiving!