Hey people of the world! Just to be clear I’m not by “people of the world!” I’m not calling you special. But I know you are! But I’m the star of the show here. So… don’t even try. Anyway’s if you are reading this at the right time you will know I am writing at 4:00 right now. Even though by the I’ll post this it’ll be like 4:35 or something. But today I was watching youtube and the channel I was watching was called “SarahBeautycorner”. I was watching her give a tutorial on how to do your nails even without nail tools. So if your a girl and you like to do your nails then go check her out on youtube. She also shows you how to paint different designs like 1D for example. Hey! Don’t leave my blog yet! But actually last Sunday I got a new outfit. So I got burgundy coloured jeans, a lighter raspberry coloured turtleneck and a pair of brown ankle hight boots. But then I was watching nail tutorials so suddenly I wanted to paint my nails. So I went through some nail polish and found a raspberry colour, baby blue and light cotton candy pink. I decided to paint it raspberry and put blue and pink polka-dots. In the end it went with my outfit and it looked great. I’m definitely going to wear it to school so I guess I got my outfit all planned! So I have to stop writing now but try to write tomorrow. So… Bye!