I am sorry for not writing in a couple or few day’s, but I have been quite busy. Okay I can’t actually name the thing’s I’ve been busy with. All I know is I haven’t actually had time to write, so… that’s my explanation. Anyway’s today’s topic is just updates of what’s happening in my life right now.By the way I will be opening up a new kind of theme, I guess you could call it. I will be giving you advice about your problems in your life.Now I am doing this not only because I want to be a better blogger but because I want to help you with your problems. It super simple all you need to do is comment down below your problem and I’ll try as best as I can to give you the right advice. Or you could tell me you want me to give you suggestion’s and you can pick what you think is the right thing to do. Else just do what makes you feel comfortable with. Now that’s advice! So recently nothing special has happened, but depending on the time you’re reading this yesterday a slept over at my Aunt’s house. That’s basically all that’s happened since my last blog post. I literally had more to say about my new advice theme than about my latest updates in life! Though I can’t be sure. But who cares? Well guess what? I do! Anyway’s I don’t think there is anything else. But I know I will be doing another one of these update blog post. Actually I guess getting into blogging was my “recent” update. But I probably won’t be doing a update blog post in a little  while. So don’t count on there being a post tomorrow. Or the next day. Actually if I even get to writing a post tomorrow I would be surprised! Anyway’s don’y forget to comment, check my other posts and don’t count on there being a post tomorrow! Bye!