Hey highly sensitive people! That’s not a good thang!

It really isn’t.

I just kidding!(I’m not) Today’s tooooppppiiiiiccccccc… Drumroll pleaseee!!!!! DIY projects! If you are not familiar with the term why you even click on this post? Anyway’s today were going to learn how to make…

1)Water marble stickers

2)How to spice up a jar

3)Room decor

4)Desk decor. so things for your desk

5)DIY school supplies

So first off… Water marble!

Materials: Small glass bowl or plastic, nail polish your colour choice and water.

Instructions: Pour water into the bowl. Room tempurture water works the best I find. Start dropping little drops of nail polish into the water. Don’t drop it from high above, about a centimeter above will do. Do as many drips as you like and let it dry. After about a hour take it out and stick on any flat surface.


Materials: school glue, acrylic paint (food colouring) glass jar or glass bottle plastic spoon or something to stir with.

First, put your wet glue into bowl. Put food colouring or acrylic paint into glue. Take spoon and stir to get the colour glue you wanted. When done stirring put in a bag or empty squeeze bottle and put glue into bottle and take jar and do any design you want. After you can you it as a cup or pencil holder. Okay I am realllllyyyyyyyy sorry but it’s getting late and I need to go I’ll tell you the rest of my DIY’s next post. Bye!