Welcome my cluster of bats… I trust that you read my DIY blogpost.Now to a evening full of spooky stories that I’m going to tell you my Bats. Yet it will still be kinda funny.

1: It was a sunny morning and a family was staying in Edmonton for a week. So they walked into the hotel to check in. ” Good afternoon sir” the person who worked at the front desk. he had an accent as if he were Dracula. he gave the Dad their room keys and warned them to not open the door after midnight. It was close to Halloween. he was probably just kidding with him. Marley(the dad) led his family up to their room. Of course by then it about 5:36 PM so they decided to have dinner. After a pleasant meal they walked back up to shower and maybe watch a bit of TV. As soon the movie was done the kids were past out. The went to the washroom and the Mom couldn’t lift her eyelid one more second(it’s 11:59 PM). The kids were sleeping and everything was fine until there was a sudden knock at the door. The ignored the first time but soon after there was the knock again even louder than before. The dad got up and looked through the peephole but saw nothing. Sleepily he got back into bed, still the kids and Mom sleeping happily away not aware a someone just knocked at the door. Suddenly a while later(3:25 PM) an even louder knock sounded. The dad really didn’t want to put up with some silly Halloween joke but decided to atleast check the peephole. Nothing. Pure darkness. He would’ve sleepwalked back to bed if it wasn’t for the sudden squeaking noise. Everything would be fine if he went back to bed. First he checked on his kids. Of course, dreaming away happily not even the slightest bit aware of what was going on. It was fine. At 4:53 AM there you could hear it next door. Possibly the loudest knock you could ever hear in a hotel. The Dad had enough! He stumbled out of bed hoping not to wake up the people staying a level below. Mad, he got up and opened the door like no other person would. I never got the whole story but the kids and wife woke up, the room door opened but the Dad not knowing to be. Legend has it Marley still hauntes the hotel of Wetherberry.

Okay guys that wasn’t a true story and sorry if I scared you. Um… Have a spooky and safe Halloween!! Bye!!!