Hey guys today I am back with another AFBP (amazingly funny(fabtastic blog post). You probably already read the title and if you didn’t do it. Or don’t. I will tell you anyway’s. Today we talk about cute fall outfits for  school or when you don’t go to school. sooooo let’s get started!

1: you can put a pair of thin black tights and just put that on. Of course you can almost pair anything with some black tights so just find a dress. After that you can pair it up a jaen jacket or black blazer in case yo get kinda cold.We can’t forget about the shoes! Some good shoes you could just put on so you can be out the door are some wedges or even just some rain boots.

2:Now in fashion there are a lot of crazy coats, but if you’re looking for something light but still fashion forward this is perfect for you! Start with a simple tee-shirt and jeans, add a light button up over the tee-shirt. Now I recommend putting a belt around your waist to sinch it because big shirts usually make you look bigger than you actually are, so just go ahead and do that. For the coat you can just put on a longer but still warm coat, cause you still want to be warm. Right? We need shoes so throw on a pair of boots with a little heal and you’re done!

Thanks for reading and for a shout out comment below which outfit is your favourite.