Hello guys! Ain’t it chilly? It really cold here! Even though its just frost right now. But where I live… I lost my words. Unless you can’t read today’s topic is… My winter routine!!! So everything from when I wake up, till the afternoon… So let’s get started!!!(p.s. It’ll be a weekend or winter break routine).

I’ll start by waking up obviously. I’ll probably groan a couple of times and stretch and think it’s to early to wake up and fall back asleep for who knows how long. Finally I decide to get up and kinda just flop down the stairs to… THE KITCHEN!!!!!!! Probably one of my favourite places in the whole world. I usually eat a piece of toast and if there’s cream cheese one of very adored toast toppings… WHAT????? Anyway’s I really won’t get dressed unless we go somewhere like…

1: My grandma’s house

2: The mall. Now where better place to go to than the mall?(unless its the ice rink. ya know what I sayin?)

Know I really like fashion. Of course I don’t(yet) design clothing and sew it, but I do like to look good. So I usually go to Bethany Mota on youtube because she just has some good fashion tips so definitely go check her out. She is AWESOME!!!!!!! Other than that I don’t really do anything else so without further ado…