I’m still sad. Nothing will really cheer me up. Except…

  • Me and my sister get out own puppies
  • Me and my sister will win the American Girl contest
  • Go to Toys R Us

Ya know what? I’m going to changer the title to

“My Dog Eats Snow p. 2”.

Yes you heard me. Well actually you didn’t “hear” me… Oh what does it matter? If you actually think about it, this would make a great story. But please don’t steal it from me. If you think that is a good idea, forget you even clicked on this post. I’m serious. No really I am. Don’t you joke with me! No you… Uh Uhn!!! But you… Except, ya okay. You, just… Don’t even speak to me! Oh let’s get back on track. What was I talking about? Hold on I need to read my post over… Okay let’s see… About Odis!!! Right… So is it okay to end the blog early? By any chance? You get it right? Okay sooooo many question marks, I’m only ten! But I’m REALLY sorry but I’m sooooo tired so, yes I am going to end this post early.

Bye awesome people!(don’t suspect anything)