Ya know what? I’m feeling fine. My dog left on Nov.24 2015. But I know he’s happy. He got to sleep on the bed with the people yesterday . Actually it was more like on the people with the bed… Well whatever it is I’m happy. Things won’t go my way every time. I’ve learned a lesson that will help me someday. That’s a fact. Now usually I would be sad… I still am a little bit. But now that I know Odis is happy… It helped me to realize, I need to do what’s best for him. I need to think about how to make him happy. If that means I have to give him away then… I’m okay with it. Right now I feel happy. Happy for Odis. I had my fun with Odis. Now it’s time to wish him the best and stop worrying about what will happen and focus about what coming towards me. A world full of wonder and joy is waiting for me. As much as I love Odis… I can’t wait to see what coming up. As I heard one time…

” You Have To Fight Through Rough Times To Earn The best Days Of Your Life” I totally forgot who wrote that quote… But I know it helped me. I just want to wish the happiest of all happy lifetimes.

Message For Odis: Everyday now and then I think about the days we spent together. I gave you treats… and you ate even more. I fed you once. I thought it was fun getting to see you snarf down your food.

Tiffany London

November 25. 2015