Guess what!? I’m NOT doing a another post about my sadness of my dog going. Which in  reality is good. In fantasy… You don’t want to know. But just a hint… You would be swimming furiously in my tears. But oh boy!!! Today I went to my aunts baby shower!!! It was fabulous!! I got to keep some of the pom poms to hang in my room! Oh they’ll look great in my room!!! Oh my sister got some to.  The thing is my family kinda relied on the leftovers for dinner and… We can’t find our tray of rice. Soooo that kinda sucked. But everything’s fine now because were going to have

  • Butter Chicken
  • Naan bread
  • Pasta with cheese on top(yummy!)!!

Honestly even though the party was great I’m glad to just be home and have dinner and relax. Though my idea of relax is watching youtube or TV… But you know what??? Blogging is just as fun. I mean I love to tell about my life and what’s going on and stuff like that. Speaking of fun guess what I wore to the baby shower today???! Some tights, a puffy plaid dress with a thin pink sweater on top. I would show you what it looks like but 1: Idon’t have picture and 2: I don’t know how to post pictures on here. But I do know a little about posting pictures… Just not a lot. I mean I’m not clueless… but I just don’t know much.

Well I really should be going now.