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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Hello Hello Hello! Today is Christmas Eve Eve. It’s like the eve of Christmas Eve. Sadly I will only be writing a short blog. Very short. Very very short… You know what? This is becoming a longer blog now… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Okay Bye! 🙂


Hello murps… I have not written in a while. I have an answer to that              sit-e-ation. but I have something to tell you guys. I AUDITIONED FOR A PLAY!!!  And that didn’t end very well… we were doing my play on a book called ” Bridge to Terabithia”. I auditioned for a girl named Leslie And guess what! I didn’t get the part… the EXACT moment my teacher told me I didn’t get the part I wanted to cry… I wanted to burst out crying. i mean the person who got the part auditioned the last minute… gosh it was SO unfair… me and my friend decided we didn’t even get the chance to audition. But my teacher offered to do call backs(maybe) Now whenever I think of the person who got the part I just don’t want to talk to her. or that’s what it seemed on Friday… But seriously that was a horrible way to start the weekend! Now I’m blogging about it at my grandmas house! Whaa? I just don’t know what’s going on in my life… I’m going to end this blog of shame early now. I have nothing else to say…

Bye, Bye.

Well people I got to say… I HAD THE BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!!!!!! I wen to Canmore and rock climbed and sat in a hot tub!!! Honestly it was awesome. Especially the hot tub part. Oh ya. But I also went to other cool places. I took a walk and I got to eat a bacon, cheese and lettuce sandwich.  It was sssoooooooooooo good with a capital S. Even though O could’ve wrote so with a capital, no? No? Ya okay never mind. Did you know never mind is two separate words? I JUST figured that out. Like actually. I’m serious. I’m really not kidding. What am doing just sitting here?! I bet you have thinking the same thing! Ya know what I just noticed? I’m not at all writing about my trip to Canmore. If you didn’t notice that… THEN WHAT ARE YOU NOTICING EH!!! I bet not a lot. Except that my blog is totally awesome! Now that is true. It is awesomely true. I don’t feel very awoken(if you know whatya mean) so I’m to have to stop blogging…

Bye!(did you see the exclamation mark????)