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Monthly Archives: January 2016

okay I haven’t blogged in S LONG time and I’m starting to feel bad. Actually I started feeling bad probably since last week. I mean how could I let this happen? Okay so yesterday I went to this new restaurant called Kinjo. It’s in Canada. Actually I don’t even know if it’s a a restaurant that could also be in the United states probably because I’ve never heard of this place before… But you never know. Or I just don’t know. Yaaaaaaaaaaa, okay. It’s a sushi and grill or grill and sushi. I don’t know. It is SO good there. But I think our waiter underestimated me and my sister. She gave me and my sister a special pair of chopsticks that are supposed to be easy to use. But of course I didn’t know that. Nor did my sister know. So we took the chopsticks apart and used them as normal chopsticks. Soon enough I figured out they were special chopsticks. Actually my Mom just told me. But it’s like it makes a difference right(or does it)? As soon as my Mom told me as was like “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. But that’s a story for another time. Wait I’m talking about it right now. usually I have much more to say. Probably because I talk a lot. When I’m around family that is. Or basically my Uncle Wayne. Then I laugh. Then I bring it up again the next time see him. What am I talking about right now. What I’m really trying to say is that Kinjo is a really great restaurant and you should try it. If you know where to find it. Guess what you get free pocky!


I’m going skating today!!! I love skating and I don’t exactly know how but I’ll learn. Hopefully. I mean I know its hard and stuff but I think I can manage it. Lets just say you give me an hour and we go cray cray! Anyways… I used to live in Vancouver. That’s in Canada and I got a free pass to the skating rink and only I got a free pass so my Mom and Dad would pay for themselves and my sister. But my Mom only went skating sometimes so she would wait and watch all the skaters instead. When my sister was young she didn’t go skating so she would watch with my Mom. So really you only have to pay for my Dad because my Mom ans sister didn’t skate and I got a free pass so that worked out rather fine I think.  Now without further a do… Bye! Bye!:)

Okay so maybe I haven’t written in a while. But if you read this post on the day I posted it it has been 8 days since my last post. So really it hasn’t been that long . Only a week and a day. But it felt like forever since my last post and it really wasn’t all that long. I knew that it had been a while(It was only a week and a day!) since my last post so I put aside doing my nails and started typing. of course I didn’t get to drink my bubble tea while typing because by the time I started writing this bad boy I was long done my tea. it wasn’t actually tea!. It was like a smoothie and a snow cone put together. As if a smoothie and a snow cone married and had a baby. if you heard of bubble tea then… Good for you. If you don’t even have the slightest idea of what I am talking about, you should be saying “What the HECK she talking about?!”. Then you start screaming and your mother says she is making spaghetti for dinner and you should stop screaming else your aunt Betty will come racing up the stairs, and we all know she is one heck of a man. But other than that you jump out your window and yell: SPAGHETTI!!!!!. your Mom gets mad and actually decides to get off the couch and actually START making dinner. Bye, Bye!