Barbie just let out a new line of barbies. The “Made to Move” barbie doll! This is the Ultimate Posable Barbie Doll! There are four dolls so far. They are wearing clothing made for doing yoga. Black stretchy pants and a wide neck tee-shirt. It may have one colour on the top and another colour on the bottom. They don’t come with shoes again making them look like they’re ready for yoga. They have articulation in the shoulder, upper arm, two joints in the elbow and wrist. The upper torso can move side to side and back and forward. There is a joint at the upper hip, turn at the upper thigh, two joints at the knee and one joint at the ankle. That means they can wear high heels or flats. The best part is they finally can hold a cell phone. FINALLY!!!!! The first doll has brown hair and wears a blue and yellow wide neck shirt. The second doll has a bun in her hair and is wearing a yellow and pink wide neck shirt. This one my friend actually has. She has black hair pulled up in a ponytail. She is wearing a purple and blue wide neck shirt. Last but not least is the original barbie wearing a pink and blue wide neck shirt. These dolls are very fun to play with even if you don’t have all four. Sorry to bring it up(again) but… THEY CAN FINALLY HOLD A CELL PHONE!!!! Okay, okay I’m good now! But I’m so very excited! I can’t wait to see what has in mind next! Bye!