Okay so you might ask, “So how was your weekend?”.  Then I’ll be all like, “Oh, it was awesome! My family went to visit my Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas and Grandpas and I got a new doll!”.  But, no!  Just no.  In fact, I came down with the stomach flu and had a fever. Oh, it was bad… I threw up 5 times in one night!  Actually sorry you didn’t need to know that.  Well, one good thing did happen. So, I don’t know if you have heard about this celebration… Or if you have, but it’s called Chinese New Years!  I celebrate of course, and there’s this thing that married people give, something called “lisie”(lie-see).  It’s actually what you call it in Cantonese.  It’s another language!  Gee.  I know every year I celebrate CNY with all my family. I will receive a small red envelope and inside it I receive 5 dollars!  This year I received over 100 dollars and my Mom said if I wanted to buy something then I just had to show her.  But, I will have to use my own money.  I have been thinking and I finally know what I want… A new barbie doll!  I found one I like at Toys R Us for only 15 dollars!  It is something I could afford.  But all the leftover money will go in my piggy bank to save.  It’s never to early to start saving for collage is what I always say!  But, it isn’t right?  But, if I’m going to make plans for this I better get going.  I will write again soon! (I hope).