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Hello! My name is Bobby Joe! Jk, jk. Today is the mall edition updates in life! But first my friend said (with no offense) that no one views my blog! Which is why this summer I’m going to post a bunch of blogs and all I need from you guys is to view them and subscribe! Is it really that hard? What you just say? Oh okay we all good… So today I went to the mall with some of my family like some of my aunts and uncles. We went at about 12:30 which kinda sucks (although it was fun) because I was supposed to go to my friends house. The only reason I was supposed to go was because a few weeks ago me and my friends tried out for the talent show. But we did’t get in. Those sucky judges! If they had just watched the WHOLE dance I’m pretty sure we would’ve been in the talent show. Since me and my friends are  not in the talent show we can’t perform for all of my friends family. Which is why my friend invited me over to perform for her whole family. But everyone knows I have way more family. You should see it at Christmas! That’s not even all my family! There’s family in other places like America. But for some reason I don’t know the almost exact location. On the other side I’m getting a phone!!!! It’s also going to be just mine! I never thought I’d be this excited about getting a phone. But only for texting family and for emergancy’s.  The only bad thing is that my first friend doesn’t have a phone any more and my other friend doesn’t even have a phone! Also I have two days (school ends in two days) to get used to picking my sister up from school and walking home from school by myself without my parents. I realized I haven’t talk on minute about the mall!

Long story short: I went to the mall with my aunts uncles and other people. I bought nothing and got an ice cream cone. Mint chocolate chip to be exact.

Well I don’t have all day to write soo…



Hello peoples from the Earths of… Earth. Ya. Today I am going to do a book review.

Gossip from The Girls Room: So it basically starts with a girl named Sofia and she desperately wants to be popular… So she has this school blog and writes about all the latest gossip she hears… In school. She is anonymous… Dun dun dunnnnn!!!!!!!! As you probably assume it is about people. Like Mia st. Claire or Penelope. Those are the two girls she HATES! Nona Bows is Sofia’s best friend. Nona hates bows and ya!

Main Character’s: Mia st. Claire, Penelope, Sofia (Obviously), Nona Bows and parents.

Main Problem: I really don’t know… Like seriously. I don’t know.

Solution: If I don’t know the problem I’m pretty sure I don’t know the solution… Duh.

Anything Else: It was a good book. That’s all.

Well I thought my book review was good. Haters gonna hate. Fortunately I ain’t gonna hate! Neither will you… Seriously please don’t hate!!!!!!!! Ummmm…


So this is supposed to be about my idea. But the thing is I don’t have an idea. Sorry but it is true. So just deal with it. This is going to be one of those short sucky blogs. Sorry but it’s true to. So just deal with with that. I don’t have anything to really talk about. So I’m just saying the first thing that comes into my head. Really. Really. Really. Stop judging me! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa!

You’re so mean! Well after that breakdown… That was TOTALLY not awkward and weird and a whole bunch of other stuff I can’t even remember. Ha! I win! Jokes on you I’m not the sucker this time! So remember I told you I was going to write one of those short sucky blogs? Well I’m actually having fun talking to you and I’ve already written 145 words so ya.

Status: I’ve presented several presentations and I’m currently working on a story. So…


Bye! I have school you know…