Hello peoples from the Earths of… Earth. Ya. Today I am going to do a book review.

Gossip from The Girls Room: So it basically starts with a girl named Sofia and she desperately wants to be popular… So she has this school blog and writes about all the latest gossip she hears… In school. She is anonymous… Dun dun dunnnnn!!!!!!!! As you probably assume it is about people. Like Mia st. Claire or Penelope. Those are the two girls she HATES! Nona Bows is Sofia’s best friend. Nona hates bows and ya!

Main Character’s: Mia st. Claire, Penelope, Sofia (Obviously), Nona Bows and parents.

Main Problem: I really don’t know… Like seriously. I don’t know.

Solution: If I don’t know the problem I’m pretty sure I don’t know the solution… Duh.

Anything Else: It was a good book. That’s all.

Well I thought my book review was good. Haters gonna hate. Fortunately I ain’t gonna hate! Neither will you… Seriously please don’t hate!!!!!!!! Ummmm…