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Today I don’t have much to talk about… Shoot. But I have enough to at least write a blog post. Anyways I just got a water softer installed and it works great! It makes my skin nice and soft. Also my hair! So that’s a big plus. I actually just got back from my aunts house and we went to play at the park and it was awesome! But I was SO hot! The sun was literally melting my eyes! To make it worse my face was crying! On my nose and my armpits! Now before you tell me it’s sweat I wanna tell you this… It’s NOT called sweat! It’s called disgusting, smelly, watery, gross stuff! Ewww!

But anyways, I also took a shower and I feel much, much better! I’m not sweaty (I’m pretty sure it’s crying) and I’m all clean so now I probably won’t have to take a shower tonight! Which is awesome because unless I want to take them, I really hate taking showers! It so much work! especially with my hair!

This Saturday I’m having a play date and family gathering at my house! It’s going to be SO much fun! Plus to make it even funner my birthday is in 11 days! Can you believe it! Well let’s just say… I want to believe it! YES! Um by the way there is one thing I need to say… Go to the… Next… Paragraph… (Wahhhh!)

I really don’t mean to upset you (or me) but I’m just asking out of the blue, do you now those really sucky short blogs? Um heh, heh! Ohhh. Well without further ado…






This weekend I had a really awesome sleepover! My cousin was there and my uncles were also there! So it was really fun. We played with the dog Key!, and we played video games and board games! Well it all started yesterday… I came around 2:00 and a bunch of people were already there. Like my cousin and a few of my uncles. My uncle and aunt were the ones throwing the sleepover and they have a toddler named Maxon and he is SO cute! The thing is I’m not really the age to hug him and stuff like holding him and ya. But I still had fun. At breakfast Maxon was crying and I gave him some blueberries and he stopped! It was so… Interesting! Anyways I also saw my Mike Cowfu there so I talked to him about a old camera he may or may not have… I told him I needed it if I was going to start a Youtube channel. But he said instead of getting me his old one… He was going to take me to look at new cameras! So I feel awesome! I might actually get a new camera for my birthday. Well me and my uncles birthday… But it would be my camera! Now I get it, you hate those short, sucky, disgusting, blog posts but I need to go. Well not actually but I think I’m done here, I’ve basically explained everything so ya!


So I haven’t blogged in a while. The only reason is because I have came back from my trip to Vancouver and I have been trying to find some time to write this post! Luckily today I have am free! As well as basically every other day. By the way about my almost available youtube channel. The only thing keeping me from making it is first I have to find a editing app or something. Plus I need a camera. I was thinking maybe the Canon vixia R600! Hint, hint. By the way I wasn’t kidding about that. Like seriously. It’s almost my birthday. Really. But now on to my vacation…!

The day we left it was pouring! With thunder and lighting. Especially when you’re driving! Like my Mom describes it… “It was like someone pouring rain on you car!”. One of the worst part I was sleeping over at my grandma’s so my Mom had to come pick me and my sister up. When we made it to the airport we saw my aunt because she was getting back from Korea! I think. What stunk (the thing I’m about to tell you not my breath!) is that we missed our first flight because we were standby. But fortunately we got on the second flight! Well we really didn’t have to wait that long for the next flight. But anyways, we met my Dad at the Vancouver airport and after that we went to go eat dinner. I think that’s the day we were meeting my Dad’s friend at the restaurant. As in my Dad’s friend came to eat dinner with us. Yeah. We decide to eat just at the hotel. By the way we stayed at the Sheraton something, something hotel. We ate at… Harolds! I got to meet him actually! I have a picture! Just wait… Hold on.. Heh. Also I went to a soccer game. Whitecaps to be exact. Of course they tied…


Well anyways about that camera… Look it’s almost my birthday… Just saying… LOOK ON AMAZON WOULD YA? Heh, heh… Oops?

Okay um…


Bye! 😀

Okay guys, you might not actually get the meaning of this post but it is really about… Me hopefully starting my very own youtube channel! It’s going to have reviews and about it’s going also going to be about American Girl, which BTW, I love. You’ll finally actually see me well and hear what I sound like and it would be awesome (prepare though)! All I really need to do now is figure out my camera and editing situation. I already have a bunch of video ideas! Which I can’t wait to share with you. Let me just tell you why I decided to make a youtube channel…

1: It’s obviously fun! teh duh…

2: Some people have commented that I should make my own channel, and after a long (long, long, long, long ,long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long) amount of thinking… I finally decided to do one! Something about me being funny… Nothing much. It’s just me being me!

3: All my family says it would be really awesome! I totally agree with them.

4: I actually always wanted to have a youtube channel! Something about it, hmmmm…

I can’t promise my channel to be up by this summer. I still have stuff to think over… All I know is that I’m very sure I want to do one. I mean I started a blog, so why can’t I start a channel? Here are some topics I most likely will have on my channel…

1: American Girl reviews and I’ll be talking about it sharing my opinion on the products and yeah!

2: Skits, short plays. Basically just comedy’s and maybe parody’s.

3: Anything that you or anyone else may request. I might do all the videos you ask for but, I’ll try my best to at least read all of them.

Well this blog was fun to write! I really hope you keep checking out my blg post and maybe my future youtube channel. I’m really excited about it!

Comment if you think I should start a youtube channel and if you know about any good camera’s I could use for my videos.


Bye! 😀

Yep you guessed it folks (well you didn’t actually guess it…)! I went to the Stampede! It was SO fun and I got to see horses and other animals. My Mom also purchased a dryer ball! Don’t know what it is, just know that it helps! DRYER BALL!

Anyways, this morning I woke up and got dressed because me and my family had to leave early. So I basically I got up and dresses at 7:30 in the morning. Which I guess isn’t that that early. I mean really. But I was still tired so um… Story of my life. Don’t even want to get up.

Well even if I had to get up early it was still fun! I even saw some of my family there! On surprise of course! I mean… I didn’t know they were going to be there. The lucky thing is I got some tickets for rides from them. So me and my sister got to play games and got to go on  a ride. Only one though cause we spent the rest of our tickets on games. Which I wish I didn’t do because the prizes weren’t really that great. Only because me and my sister only won small prizes. Hmm. Still awesome that we won a prize though. Also the ride we went on was so awesome! It went around up and down (sorta. Good that I didn’t throw up! Or did I?) and it was just epic! Sorry wrong word… It was SO much fun!!!! There we gooooo!

I was also lucky enough to go see like a mini rodeo with a world championship thing a mabob. let’s just say it was fun to watch all the horses. Also there were horses. My favourite were these blue horses (they were not ACTUALLY blue!) and they won the championship thing!  Awesome! My Moms favourite horses actually came in second! Everybody wins! Well, I guess you could say that… yay! Hmmm…

changing the subject, we didn’t have much to eat in the morning so when we got to the stampede we got waffles and wonton noodles. Yummy!!! My family each had a little bit of both! The waffles were pretty good! But the wonton’s… Were absolutely delicious! SO good! But I have to say that my grandma’s wontons are just as good (totally better totally!). No offense to the Wonton King… Wow. Awkward.

So basically what I’m trying to say is that my day at the Stampede was amazing! Here is a list of things to call the place!

Amazing, awesome, interesting, fun and even… Um, heh heh… How about… Cool? I don’t know. Anyways, today (as you probably noticed) I didn’t have a short, sucky blog! So, ya!


Bye! 😀

Hello! Let’s get to the point… Today I went to eat some pancakes. Ya know, casual. Until I realized I basically waited two hours in line! My family and I waited so long it was more like Stampede LUNCH!

There was this older woman who said the pancakes were “definitely worth the wait”, so I got excited about them. But, there were a few things I didn’t like. Well actually, it was only like one thing… BUT STILL! The only thing I didn’t like was that they put on way too much syrup. So it was either a syrupcake or a pansyrup. If you know what I mean. I mean, either way there was syrup right? What It works!

But, in the end there were fun activities and I got to see a fire truck! So, it really wasn’t all that bad! Also, I probably exaggerated a bit (a lot!!!) which made the story seem a little (a lot!!!) worse and maybe most of the time I was complaining a little bit (actually, a lot!) but it was fun, so ya!

Um… Do you remember that I don’t know… The sort of sucky, unpleasant kind of blog? Well today’s your lucky day! You get to experience that! Yay! Heh heh… Whoo.

Anyways, do you remember my Fort Lauderdale blog post? Well today you get to see the pictures! PICTURES!!!



By the way, the older one’s me…


Bye! 😀


Hello, hello and hello! Today, well actually yesterday I went over to my grandma’s house for a sleepover. Today I’m watching a scary movie! yay. I haven’t finished it yet. I decided to take a break and write a post. That’s the kind of sacrifice I made for you guys. I could’ve kept watching the movie and scare myself half to death or I could’ve paused the movie so I could write a post. I am awesome. Okay look don’t deny it I am awesome! (really?) I am! Right? (That’s what you think!) How rude!!! Say sorry or else I won’t get back with the post. That’s just power (at this part I am very satisfied with myself). Thank you for saying sorry. Anyways like I was saying. Um. Hold on while I read my blog post over so I can resume on what I was talking about… Okay ladies, gentlemen, wizards, witches, worlocks and much, much, much more people that I don’t even know! I was talking about my sleepover. But I hope you understand that I have to end my post because well… Have you been reading my post. Obviously I am watching a movie and that is what matters!!!! So without further a do…

Bye!!! :J