Yes you heard it… well read it… Uh. Loud and clear folks, peoples, persons okay basically everybody who lives on the Earth! You read that I went hiking! I am going to tell you a story about it. It all started this morning… Tiffany (A.K.A. me. Duh) woke up early, her sister Jolie wasn’t awake yet. So there Tiffany went downstairs to the basement (yes by herself!!! SO brave!) to watch a little bit of TV. About 30 minutes later Jolie came down. “Did you get enough alone time?” Jolie asked. (Now ya see, me and my sister have this thing called alone time. It’s just sometimes me and my sister like to spend some time alone. That’s really all) Tiffany replied looking at Jolie “eh”. So together Jolie and Tiffany watched TV. Until they got called up for breakfast. They were having pancakes… yummy. Anyways, after stuffing bacon,eggs and pancakes in the family’s mouth, they started getting ready for hiking. The girls packed toys, toilet paper (don’t ask why…), water bottles and pillows (in case they want to take a nap. Duh). Their Mom and Dad packed food other stuff and more food! Then came the driving. Dun dun DUN!!!! It took a hour to get to the hiking ground. The family arrived at about 10:00 AM. Tiffany and Jolie were excited because they got new hiking shoes and their shoes were also matching!!!!! AWESOME! Mom brought her camera to take pictures. During the hike the family saw lots of things. Dogs, three lakes and even a waterfall! Also did you know that Tiffany (and her family I guess. Teh) made it to the top of the mountain! Guess what?! She didn’t even fall! I mean if she did would she be writing this blog post right NOW? I’m guessing not! Well that’s sorta the end of the story… But I do have a fabulous thing called… PICTURES!!! YAY! Let’s get to that!!! here you go! But first here is a picture of me and my sister. Just so you know what we look like. My sister then me. Do you see the my beautiful curls and my sisters smile?! Of course and her stick.IMG_7094.JPGcropped-cropped-1078627_10153673238786760_5485145171344689749_o.jpgIMG_7022.JPGIMG_7125.JPGIMG_7119.JPGIMG_7101.JPGIMG_7095.JPG