Hello! Let’s get to the point… Today I went to eat some pancakes. Ya know, casual. Until I realized I basically waited two hours in line! My family and I waited so long it was more like Stampede LUNCH!

There was this older woman who said the pancakes were “definitely worth the wait”, so I got excited about them. But, there were a few things I didn’t like. Well actually, it was only like one thing… BUT STILL! The only thing I didn’t like was that they put on way too much syrup. So it was either a syrupcake or a pansyrup. If you know what I mean. I mean, either way there was syrup right? What It works!

But, in the end there were fun activities and I got to see a fire truck! So, it really wasn’t all that bad! Also, I probably exaggerated a bit (a lot!!!) which made the story seem a little (a lot!!!) worse and maybe most of the time I was complaining a little bit (actually, a lot!) but it was fun, so ya!

Um… Do you remember that I don’t know… The sort of sucky, unpleasant kind of blog? Well today’s your lucky day! You get to experience that! Yay! Heh heh… Whoo.

Anyways, do you remember my Fort Lauderdale blog post? Well today you get to see the pictures! PICTURES!!!



By the way, the older one’s me…


Bye! 😀