Yep you guessed it folks (well you didn’t actually guess it…)! I went to the Stampede! It was SO fun and I got to see horses and other animals. My Mom also purchased a dryer ball! Don’t know what it is, just know that it helps! DRYER BALL!

Anyways, this morning I woke up and got dressed because me and my family had to leave early. So I basically I got up and dresses at 7:30 in the morning. Which I guess isn’t that that early. I mean really. But I was still tired so um… Story of my life. Don’t even want to get up.

Well even if I had to get up early it was still fun! I even saw some of my family there! On surprise of course! I mean… I didn’t know they were going to be there. The lucky thing is I got some tickets for rides from them. So me and my sister got to play games and got to go on  a ride. Only one though cause we spent the rest of our tickets on games. Which I wish I didn’t do because the prizes weren’t really that great. Only because me and my sister only won small prizes. Hmm. Still awesome that we won a prize though. Also the ride we went on was so awesome! It went around up and down (sorta. Good that I didn’t throw up! Or did I?) and it was just epic! Sorry wrong word… It was SO much fun!!!! There we gooooo!

I was also lucky enough to go see like a mini rodeo with a world championship thing a mabob. let’s just say it was fun to watch all the horses. Also there were horses. My favourite were these blue horses (they were not ACTUALLY blue!) and they won the championship thing!  Awesome! My Moms favourite horses actually came in second! Everybody wins! Well, I guess you could say that… yay! Hmmm…

changing the subject, we didn’t have much to eat in the morning so when we got to the stampede we got waffles and wonton noodles. Yummy!!! My family each had a little bit of both! The waffles were pretty good! But the wonton’s… Were absolutely delicious! SO good! But I have to say that my grandma’s wontons are just as good (totally better totally!). No offense to the Wonton King… Wow. Awkward.

So basically what I’m trying to say is that my day at the Stampede was amazing! Here is a list of things to call the place!

Amazing, awesome, interesting, fun and even… Um, heh heh… How about… Cool? I don’t know. Anyways, today (as you probably noticed) I didn’t have a short, sucky blog! So, ya!


Bye! 😀