This weekend I had a really awesome sleepover! My cousin was there and my uncles were also there! So it was really fun. We played with the dog Key!, and we played video games and board games! Well it all started yesterday… I came around 2:00 and a bunch of people were already there. Like my cousin and a few of my uncles. My uncle and aunt were the ones throwing the sleepover and they have a toddler named Maxon and he is SO cute! The thing is I’m not really the age to hug him and stuff like holding him and ya. But I still had fun. At breakfast Maxon was crying and I gave him some blueberries and he stopped! It was so… Interesting! Anyways I also saw my Mike Cowfu there so I talked to him about a old camera he may or may not have… I told him I needed it if I was going to start a Youtube channel. But he said instead of getting me his old one… He was going to take me to look at new cameras! So I feel awesome! I might actually get a new camera for my birthday. Well me and my uncles birthday… But it would be my camera! Now I get it, you hate those short, sucky, disgusting, blog posts but I need to go. Well not actually but I think I’m done here, I’ve basically explained everything so ya!