Today I don’t have much to talk about… Shoot. But I have enough to at least write a blog post. Anyways I just got a water softer installed and it works great! It makes my skin nice and soft. Also my hair! So that’s a big plus. I actually just got back from my aunts house and we went to play at the park and it was awesome! But I was SO hot! The sun was literally melting my eyes! To make it worse my face was crying! On my nose and my armpits! Now before you tell me it’s sweat I wanna tell you this… It’s NOT called sweat! It’s called disgusting, smelly, watery, gross stuff! Ewww!

But anyways, I also took a shower and I feel much, much better! I’m not sweaty (I’m pretty sure it’s crying) and I’m all clean so now I probably won’t have to take a shower tonight! Which is awesome because unless I want to take them, I really hate taking showers! It so much work! especially with my hair!

This Saturday I’m having a play date and family gathering at my house! It’s going to be SO much fun! Plus to make it even funner my birthday is in 11 days! Can you believe it! Well let’s just say… I want to believe it! YES! Um by the way there is one thing I need to say… Go to the… Next… Paragraph… (Wahhhh!)

I really don’t mean to upset you (or me) but I’m just asking out of the blue, do you now those really sucky short blogs? Um heh, heh! Ohhh. Well without further ado…