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Hello guys, people, strangers who might possibly even be strange… I’m going back to school after tomorrow! This Thursday! Now I know what you’re probably thinking… “Like dude why are you going back to school on like a like Thursday. Like.” now I have reasons why I am going back on a Thursday.

1: I do admit it is kinda weird (not going to tell a fib) I’m going back on a Thursday… But ya, I have nothing else.

2: Even though it’s weird maybe the principals favourite day of the week is Thursday. Honestly I don’t know why but maybe. Just Maybe.

3: Okay, okay I heard enough it’s weird okay but I’m actually glad we’re going back on a Thursday. It’ll get me sorta used to going back to school. Then after two days of school I get another weekend! Seems fair to me! (This is the part where you give me a weird look and I just smile proud of myself!).

But whatever day of the week it is, the first day of school is the most stressful. I mean for me it is. It’s just, I don’t know what to wear, I don’t know what to expect and besides the point, I don’t even know who’s going to be in my class!!! Also what if they’re not nice!? What if they’re are bullies!!!!????? Of course I’d obviously just call them but holes (Not to their face! What am I crazy!?) but still… Just think of the horror! Sitting beside looking the way they do… No just kidding! But still, what if they’re mean!? Well, I’ll just have to take care of them… Mwa ha ha ha!!!

Anyways now that we got that clear, I have to go now. Not cause I acually have to I just want to. But I want you to know I do love writing for you guys! I also feel if you don’t like reading but you like to read my blog you can always read my blog posts and maybe that will maybe make you like reading more! Then again sometimes you just like reading certain things and I feel my blog posts are like chapters of a book you might like. So I now can refer my blog posts to chapters of a really long, really good book!

Anyways I hope you like my blog posts because I actually spend a lot of time just writing the littlest amount of stuff, sometimes I just can’t come up with something to say. So it means a lot that someone would take the time to read a kids blog. I mean don;t get me wrong I love writing for you guys but it just seems that I can’t really get you guys interested in my blog. One time someone told me my blog wasn’t interesting enough for someone to want to read it. They told me no one would like it and nobody knew my blog existed. But you know what I don’t mean to be rude but that one person was wrong! I know I have you guys who read my blog! Oh and most of all my blog does exist! In fact if you think I’m wrong go ahead and check me out on facebook! Oh I’ll be there! 100%! I dare you! Right now! Because you know what? My blog and me exists! Yes surrey!

Anyways that’s enough writing for today… I’m getting extremely tired so ya.




Okay so I had a wonderful because I got to go to the water park again with my Dad and I got chocolate covered blueberries… But there were some things that sorta scared me. Like I forgot my email account password! Both of them! Yep.

Anyways though, I had a very good time because I went to the same one as last time and the slides were even more slippery! But It wasn’t like last time because this time me and my sister played spies! Awesome!

I also got to sleep over at my grandmas yesterday! We watched a movie and got to eat some popcorn! It was buttery and yummy and tasty too! But my uncle got to go to the real movies… So he got layered buttered popcorn… But that’s okay because at least I didn’t have to shower obviously because I didn’t go to the movies! Ha!

Three words… Sucky, short, goodbye! I’m kidding… Only have though… Well I do have something else to tell you. I learned how to do a few magic tricks! It looks SO cool if you could see them! I’ll try to upload some videos to the computer so you guys can see it! Well…


Bye! 😀

Today we are having an exclusive summer fashion blowout! Starting with three relaxed fashion going on with more professional ideas! Think about it! Anyways I am going to start with the more professional fashions!


1: Two words… Dress, blazer. Simple as snarfing down a cheeseburger. Perfect! A nice flowing dress should be fine. Or whatever dress you decide to wear… Pair it up with a black blazer your favourite shoes and watch the magic happen! Although there will not be any sparkles… That is just sad.

2: Skirt and a tee shirt is also my second choice. Really it’s nothing much. But it does look great once you have your handbag and shoes on ready to go. AWESOME!

3: A blouse tucked into a pair jeans is a more not so fancy look. But it will still look awesome! I mean usually…

Now for the more relaxed fashions.

1: A wavy tank top and some bright shorts. You really don’t need anything else o pair up with it except maybe some ankle runners. Ya know, the classic. Just kidding I have no idea what I just said.

2: A maxi dress is the perfect dress for summer. It goes down to your feet and it looks great with sandals and a handbag should also be a good fit! Like I was saying… Buy a maxi dress!!!!!!


Sniffle, sniffle. I have to end this post now…


Bye! 😀

Okay so today Me, my Mom and my sister went to a water park! It was SO much fun! There were slides and a rainbow loop thing that sprayed water at you! It was very hot but the water was so cold! It was actually kinda relaxing! The slides there were also a lot of fun, because of the water swishing down the slide you went a lot faster. When you reached the bottom you still sorta sled away because the ground was so slippery! It was like skating but on your bum!

There was also a gigantic tub of water like the kind that pours on your head. It was huge! So when it spilled it slipped all over the water park because it made such a big splash! If you were standing under it you would feel lots of pressure on your back when the waters falling down! We left at 11:00 and came  back at 3:00! We ate lunch there and we got to bring my cousin Ariah! She is SO cute and she was playing with my Mom the entire time!

For lunch we had yummy chicken sandwiches with cucumbers! My Mom also packed fruit! Like strawberries, grapes and peaches! Me and my sister were having a lot of fun!


Well here comes the moment we all dread!  I have to stop this blog post now if you allow…


Bye! 😀

You read it loud and clear, August 8th was my birthday. It was so awesome because we had a barbecue and I invited some of my friends and family! I got tons of books and even some gift cards for Chapters and Micheals. I can’t wait to buy some paint, canvases and paint brushes. I am going to paint a beach picture for my aunt. It’s going to hopefully look awesome! I am going to work SO hard on it. Of course I’m making a card for one of my Dads friends to say thank you for his gift. Which was a book of envelopes and cards. My Mom made all the food except for all the crackers and chips and stuff. She made chicken kabobs and rice. She made other stuff to but I can’t name all of it. Me and my friends had so much fun playing fashion show and other things. One of my friends didn’t even leave till 9! So I got to play extra long. It was so much fun! My Mom that day bought me a new pink sparkly skirt and it is so pretty! I love it and I wore it to the barbecue! Anyways…

What I’m really trying to say is that i had the best birthday ever! So I don’t have much else to tell about my birthday except that it was awesome! So um…


Bye! 😀

Today i just going do a short, suckish blog post because I don’t even have anything really to write about. But it is 4 days till my birthday so that’s something big! I’m going to go mini golfing with family and friends. It is going to be so much fun! Anyways That’s all I have to say. Sorry but it’s true. Geez you don’t have to be SO rude! Well thank you for apologizing. Now I really have nothing to talk about. If you want to know more about my big birthday thing come back 4 or 5 days from now! I will write a long post about it. Maybe not super long. In fact I have to commit to it first or else I’ll totally forget about it. Now for the grand finale…  Still again I must say… see you some time! As in maybe 4 or 5 days!


Bye! 😀

Welcome guests to another NSBBP! C’mon man you don’t even know what that means? Obviously it means… Never Seen Before Blog Post! Duh! Anyways, today we talk about why humans never seem to be satisfied. Like one time I went to the movies with my family, we were watching the new movie Frozen but my sister said she’d rather go watch Snow white than FROZEN. Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnn! Then there was this other time when my Mom said we could get a strawberry smoothie, but right after we ordered it my sister said said she wanted mango! Or was it the other way around? Well… We’ll never know! Okay fine if you insist I’ll move it on to me! Well hey there buddy you ask me to move on to me! No need to be rude! Talk to the hand man, talk to the hand… But now I’ll actually move on to me. So two days ago I was complaining about how it was way yo hot to go outside and play. I mean you couldn’t blame me, I could get cooked out there! I wonder if I would look like chicken? Well anyways after that being said I still complained about how hot it was… Until I woke up and realized it was all cloudy. That’s when I started complaining about the lack of sun. Then It got all sunny and I was happy! Still I didn’t seem  satisfied! like is it an illness or am I just crazy! But I can’t take ALL the credit I mean… Some other people are harder to satisfy than me! Like those crazy English cooks  who expects perfection in every bight of chicken or ice cream they eat!!!!! Um sorry… Tempo down. I get it. But you see what I mean? Humans are never satisfied! or is it just me? I don’t know.


But look on the bright side at least today wasn’t one of those short, suckish blog posts! Well um… See ya later people! But still I must say…


Bye! 😀