Welcome guests to another NSBBP! C’mon man you don’t even know what that means? Obviously it means… Never Seen Before Blog Post! Duh! Anyways, today we talk about why humans never seem to be satisfied. Like one time I went to the movies with my family, we were watching the new movie Frozen but my sister said she’d rather go watch Snow white than FROZEN. Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnn! Then there was this other time when my Mom said we could get a strawberry smoothie, but right after we ordered it my sister said said she wanted mango! Or was it the other way around? Well… We’ll never know! Okay fine if you insist I’ll move it on to me! Well hey there buddy you ask me to move on to me! No need to be rude! Talk to the hand man, talk to the hand… But now I’ll actually move on to me. So two days ago I was complaining about how it was way yo hot to go outside and play. I mean you couldn’t blame me, I could get cooked out there! I wonder if I would look like chicken? Well anyways after that being said I still complained about how hot it was… Until I woke up and realized it was all cloudy. That’s when I started complaining about the lack of sun. Then It got all sunny and I was happy! Still I didn’t seem  satisfied! like is it an illness or am I just crazy! But I can’t take ALL the credit I mean… Some other people are harder to satisfy than me! Like those crazy English cooks  who expects perfection in every bight of chicken or ice cream they eat!!!!! Um sorry… Tempo down. I get it. But you see what I mean? Humans are never satisfied! or is it just me? I don’t know.


But look on the bright side at least today wasn’t one of those short, suckish blog posts! Well um… See ya later people! But still I must say…


Bye! 😀