Okay so today Me, my Mom and my sister went to a water park! It was SO much fun! There were slides and a rainbow loop thing that sprayed water at you! It was very hot but the water was so cold! It was actually kinda relaxing! The slides there were also a lot of fun, because of the water swishing down the slide you went a lot faster. When you reached the bottom you still sorta sled away because the ground was so slippery! It was like skating but on your bum!

There was also a gigantic tub of water like the kind that pours on your head. It was huge! So when it spilled it slipped all over the water park because it made such a big splash! If you were standing under it you would feel lots of pressure on your back when the waters falling down! We left at 11:00 and came  back at 3:00! We ate lunch there and we got to bring my cousin Ariah! She is SO cute and she was playing with my Mom the entire time!

For lunch we had yummy chicken sandwiches with cucumbers! My Mom also packed fruit! Like strawberries, grapes and peaches! Me and my sister were having a lot of fun!


Well here comes the moment we all dread!  I have to stop this blog post now if you allow…


Bye! 😀