Today we are having an exclusive summer fashion blowout! Starting with three relaxed fashion going on with more professional ideas! Think about it! Anyways I am going to start with the more professional fashions!


1: Two words… Dress, blazer. Simple as snarfing down a cheeseburger. Perfect! A nice flowing dress should be fine. Or whatever dress you decide to wear… Pair it up with a black blazer your favourite shoes and watch the magic happen! Although there will not be any sparkles… That is just sad.

2: Skirt and a tee shirt is also my second choice. Really it’s nothing much. But it does look great once you have your handbag and shoes on ready to go. AWESOME!

3: A blouse tucked into a pair jeans is a more not so fancy look. But it will still look awesome! I mean usually…

Now for the more relaxed fashions.

1: A wavy tank top and some bright shorts. You really don’t need anything else o pair up with it except maybe some ankle runners. Ya know, the classic. Just kidding I have no idea what I just said.

2: A maxi dress is the perfect dress for summer. It goes down to your feet and it looks great with sandals and a handbag should also be a good fit! Like I was saying… Buy a maxi dress!!!!!!


Sniffle, sniffle. I have to end this post now…


Bye! 😀