Okay so I had a wonderful because I got to go to the water park again with my Dad and I got chocolate covered blueberries… But there were some things that sorta scared me. Like I forgot my email account password! Both of them! Yep.

Anyways though, I had a very good time because I went to the same one as last time and the slides were even more slippery! But It wasn’t like last time because this time me and my sister played spies! Awesome!

I also got to sleep over at my grandmas yesterday! We watched a movie and got to eat some popcorn! It was buttery and yummy and tasty too! But my uncle got to go to the real movies… So he got layered buttered popcorn… But that’s okay because at least I didn’t have to shower obviously because I didn’t go to the movies! Ha!

Three words… Sucky, short, goodbye! I’m kidding… Only have though… Well I do have something else to tell you. I learned how to do a few magic tricks! It looks SO cool if you could see them! I’ll try to upload some videos to the computer so you guys can see it! Well…


Bye! 😀