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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Okay so yesterday was my second day of school and I didn’t blog about it. So I don’t remember actually telling you this, but we switched classrooms yesterday because of path routes. I don’t know, that’s what they said. So we did switch classrooms. We decorated it sorta yesterday. I helped make a prayer table… I guess. But I didn’t get to do a lot of work. I tried to design something with the necklaces (they’re not actually necklaces I just forgot what they’re called) but someone ruined by taking them apart and putting them somewhere else. So I didn’t get to do a lot. Even when I tries to organize the books someone moved them. So ya can’t say I did a lot. But really I can’t complain because in the end the table looked great. But honestly if we incorporated all our ideas ( and by that I mean mine!) I bet it would’ve looked even better! But the teacher didn’t seem to mind so I guess that’s okay.

Anyways I am going to go now. So…


Bye!!!! 😀



se stop… Okay finally!



Okay today was exciting and nerve racking all at the same time! Today was my first day of 6th grade!!!! It was awesome (obviously) but it also made me nervous because, well… It’s 6th grade people!!! Anyways what I am trying to say is that, it is the first official “Blog Post” of September!  Whoo hoo! I’m already off which is why I am writing the blog post and I’ll try and describe my whole day! But I’m going to try and make it shorter. So I woke up and I wasn’t very happy to. I’m not even going to think about putting my “waking up” in brackets. Anyways I got dressed, brushed my teeth, got my backpack ready then went downstairs for breakfast. I had a yummy egg sandwich! It’s just egg and cheese really. But cooked!!!!! So that makes it a 1000 times better! I also had some watermelon that was super yummy! After eating my Mom did my hair and I got my lunch ready. I had watermelon, an orange, a juice box, a fruit snack and finally a sandwich! All of it was really yummy! That’s when we left for school. When we got to school I saw my friends Adhira and Carina!  Then we all met our teacher! It was a boy! He is really nice and funny!  I can tell I am gong to have a good year! Though I really miss my other teachers. But still I guess. We did  a bunch of stuff like playing outside, going to an assembly and looking through our school supplies! I got to meet all the new teachers including mine and it was an awesome day! I have to say though it just felt really different and new. It was very confusing… But I did end up home so ya!

Now the part we all dread… See ya!