Okay so yesterday was my second day of school and I didn’t blog about it. So I don’t remember actually telling you this, but we switched classrooms yesterday because of path routes. I don’t know, that’s what they said. So we did switch classrooms. We decorated it sorta yesterday. I helped make a prayer table… I guess. But I didn’t get to do a lot of work. I tried to design something with the necklaces (they’re not actually necklaces I just forgot what they’re called) but someone ruined by taking them apart and putting them somewhere else. So I didn’t get to do a lot. Even when I tries to organize the books someone moved them. So ya can’t say I did a lot. But really I can’t complain because in the end the table looked great. But honestly if we incorporated all our ideas ( and by that I mean mine!) I bet it would’ve looked even better! But the teacher didn’t seem to mind so I guess that’s okay.

Anyways I am going to go now. So…


Bye!!!! šŸ˜€



se stop… Okay finally!