Ok so not recently but recently it was photo day! Let me just say I think it went very well actually because mostly everyone dressed up somehow so basically everything went well!

I dressed up in a black dress that swept down to my knees and a very pretty mint green braided belt! I just wore my inside shoes cause I didn’t want to wear special shoes.

But that’s not really what the main part of this blog is though. The main part is about how it turned into a real life winter wonderland!!! Have you ever noticed snow falling from the sky? Well of course but have you ever noticed it falling in the month of OCTOBER!!!!!!!!

Yeah didn’t think so… But anyways since I haven’t wrote in a while I only owe it to you guys to write an extra special long blog that even the fastest readers couldn’t finish in a  day (except maybe me!). But I don’t know if you noticed but that would take a whole lot of time and there just really isn’t time for that. Especially me, who although loves writing for people to read just quite doesn’t find herself writing on a blog all the time. For she usually writes on paper. I mean come on now,doesn’t everyone just automatically think to get a paper and pen when knowing they have to write something important or special down???Mmm hmm. That’s what I thought.

Now I know I said the main topic for this blog was winter wonderland, but by reading this post it really just doesn’t seem that I have decided to stick with that plan. Just like every other post. So in the Lorax (which by the way is a very good book by Dr. Suess) the writer indicated that the word “Unless” meant something special or something. He said “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better it’s not”. Now that’s the quote from Dr. Suess. Now here is mine. Now knowing me it’s not going to be a very educational one. But let’s just hope it’ll just work out.

“Unless (there’s that word again) someone like me has very good topic, I’m not going to stay on track . I won’t, I never will and I never did. There is nothing you could quite possibly do to get me to do that. Unless (the word again) of course you as in me, comes up the best topic to write about that I couldn’t even ignore. Not even me could ignore.”.

The end! How did you like my quote!? Awful right!? I thought so!

Anyways I’ve already almost wrote up to about a thousand words! No just kidding only 466 including the words I just typed and NOT including the numbers.

Anyways I know for a fact that this is the part we all as humans and animals we ALL dread… That is me saying goodbye. Cause as we all know I probably won’t come back till November unless (omigoodness that word AGAIN!) I do in which we can call it a miracle!

Anyways for the moment of truth…

Bye! 😀