Hello! Yesterday I went to the mall! It was way more fun than I made it sound… Anyways the reason I’m excited is because, where I live there is only TWO Ivivva stores! Plus they were having a sale, and as we all know Ivivva is a little expensive… (This is the part where I smile with quilt even though I can’t hind the fact, that even though I love Ivivva, it’s still a bit expensive…) But anyways, I found out where those two malls were so that I could ask to go and luckily enough my Mom said yes! So on the week end (yesterday) I went to the mall with my Mom, Dad, sister and of course me! We went to the Ivivva store and looked around I was even allowed to pick one thing!!! Me and my sister both tried on a couple of things (from the sale rack!) before picking something we liked. I chose the grey “Made to Move” pants! Of course I LOVE them!!! 😀 I can’t wait to wear them to school tomorrow!!! Everybody is going to adore them! Especially me!!!

So do you want the good news or bad news first? Well actually there is actually two bad news…  First bad news… There is NO good news… Second bad news…  (well only bad for you anyways) Well here it goes…


Buh bye!!! 😀