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Hello! This is going to be a short post. In which I guess I should say bye. nothing is new with me. But anyways!  Yeah so nothing is new with me, but comment down below if anything is new with you because I wanna know!

Bye! 😀


Hey, hey, hey! I’m back! Today was SUPER fun because my Dad took my sister, Jolie, and I to the park! But it was not just any park… It was the water park! It was lots of fun! Now I’m not trying to brag or anything. Like seriously! I don’t want to make it sound like I’m bragging! Anyways, Jolie and I started splashing in the water and it was super weird without my glasses on! Okay, not that weird. I take swimming lessons in the summer so I’m used to taking off my glasses, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t completely weird. I just really see anything. Well, I could see, but everything was blurry! Something REALLY weird happened though. There was this boy who looked about 7 or 8 (I couldn’t really tell. I didn’t have my glasses!) and he was filling his mouth with water. Then he would go up to someone and spit it on them! It did it twice to Jolie and I! I tried “pre-showering” in the water. Obviously I’m still going to take a nice shower today! There was also this girl who tries spraying me with water. I guess it is a water park, but it doesn’t give you the permission to spray someone in the face with dirty water! I gave her a dirty look. Then I moved on. Anyways this blog post has come to an end.

Bye! 🙂 -Tiffany

Hello people! It’s me Tiffany! The best person ever!!! Wait no… The ultimate best person ever! I should win an award. Anyways this is only going to be a short post about how today I went to gymnastics when something horrible happened! This is the whole story… Gymnastics started at 5:15 and we were on the bars. We were just about to go to beam, but then I looked at my hands and realized I got a huge rip! Okay fine, not HUGE, but big enough that it really hurt. It was a bit thicker than a toddlers finger. Anyways that’s pretty much all. I felt REALLY for one of my friends in my class. She had gotten 3 rips on one hand and got another one on the other hand!!! OMG! :0 That was pretty much all for this blog post! I will try to blog tomorrow! Dun, dun, dun, dun!!! (Trumpets blowing. ROYAL trumpets)

Bye people! ‘:)

Hello Presidents, Prime Ministers, Aliens, girls, boys, woman, men and whoever else might be reading this very blog. Yesterday my Mom bought a balance beam for me and my sister to practice gymnastics on! It has been very fun. 🙂 Anyways, me and my sister are going to be starting a youtube channel. Of course nothing has been uploaded because we still have some planning to do. Like what kind of youtube channel should we make? Should it be howto or just random fun videos? So we have that to plan. We also have to come up with a name for our channel! I was thinking “Tiff&Jo”, but I’m open to pretty much anything. Almost everything. Note that I said “almost”. If you have any ideas forA aayoutube channel then comment your idea down below! I will come up with some ideas with my sister because, well, she is apart of the channel too! So this was only a short blog post because there wasn’t much to write about, but maybe sometime today I’ll write again i something interesting happens! Bye! 🙂

Well, the airshow was really exciting! In a good and bad way… We watched a lot of pilots fly their jets and saw helicopters too! When the Snowbirds were just about to perform it starting raining. Wait, no, pouring! Yep everyone was getting soaked. My sister, Mom and I ran into a plane where a bunch of other people were. My Dad went to go a get our blanket and hats when it started raining so he had to wait under a tent. All of a sudden a lady came into the plane saying we had to get out of the plane because there was a tornado warning! Luckily when we got out the rain stopped. It was still kinda drizzling though so we waited for my Dad under a plane wing. Soon all of us walked back to our car. There was a long lineup of cars, but we left pretty quickly. We soon got some dinner at an Italian restaurant. The food was pretty good. I was happy to be eating. After dinner we got gas and drove home. So, that’s how it went. If you were there it would be more interesting. Now… umm. This is awkward. Bye! 🙂


Hey guys! Okay, okay I know I haven’t written in like what? A million years? However, I’m back I got some fun stuff to write about! Summer DIY’s  what going on in my summer so far… Lots of stuff! So, today I’m going to an air show where fighter jets zoom around in the sky doing their thing. I’m also going to Prague in August and I’m SO excited for it! We are going to be staying at the Augustine which is supposed to be a “Luxury Collection Hotel”. I really hope it is! One the most exciting parts is that, me and my sister are getting our own rooms! My parents are going to be staying in a different room, but beside us! I really hope our room has a tv! That would be awesome!  Anyways, let’s get onto some summer DIY’s and hacks! Let’s get started!

You know when you want to make oreo ice cream or an oreo milkshake? Well it sounds good at first, but after mixing oreos with milk and ice you find that your oreos are soggy… However here is a hack for that! Continue to make your milkshake. When you’re about to drink it crush some oreos and mix it in. Ta-da!

We all loved pizza pops, but what about s’more pie pops? All you need is pie dough, chocolate, marshmallows, an egg and… well that’s it.


1: Take a small amount of dough and roll it out to make small circle.

2: Put a piece of chocolate on the dough. Then add on two marshmallows.

3: Take another piece of dough and roll out circle similar in size to the the other circle of dough.

4: Place the circle of dough on the marshmallows. Use a fork to press and seal the pie pop. Place them on a cooking sheet.

5: Use a beaten egg to help seal the pies.

6: Bake them until the pie crust is a golden brown, let them cool and enjoy!

Well I gotta go! I will have to tell you how the airshow goes. So, bye!