Hey guys! Okay, okay I know I haven’t written in like what? A million years? However, I’m back I got some fun stuff to write about! Summer DIY’s  what going on in my summer so far… Lots of stuff! So, today I’m going to an air show where fighter jets zoom around in the sky doing their thing. I’m also going to Prague in August and I’m SO excited for it! We are going to be staying at the Augustine which is supposed to be a “Luxury Collection Hotel”. I really hope it is! One the most exciting parts is that, me and my sister are getting our own rooms! My parents are going to be staying in a different room, but beside us! I really hope our room has a tv! That would be awesome!  Anyways, let’s get onto some summer DIY’s and hacks! Let’s get started!

You know when you want to make oreo ice cream or an oreo milkshake? Well it sounds good at first, but after mixing oreos with milk and ice you find that your oreos are soggy… However here is a hack for that! Continue to make your milkshake. When you’re about to drink it crush some oreos and mix it in. Ta-da!

We all loved pizza pops, but what about s’more pie pops? All you need is pie dough, chocolate, marshmallows, an egg and… well that’s it.


1: Take a small amount of dough and roll it out to make small circle.

2: Put a piece of chocolate on the dough. Then add on two marshmallows.

3: Take another piece of dough and roll out circle similar in size to the the other circle of dough.

4: Place the circle of dough on the marshmallows. Use a fork to press and seal the pie pop. Place them on a cooking sheet.

5: Use a beaten egg to help seal the pies.

6: Bake them until the pie crust is a golden brown, let them cool and enjoy!

Well I gotta go! I will have to tell you how the airshow goes. So, bye!