Hello Presidents, Prime Ministers, Aliens, girls, boys, woman, men and whoever else might be reading this very blog. Yesterday my Mom bought a balance beam for me and my sister to practice gymnastics on! It has been very fun. 🙂 Anyways, me and my sister are going to be starting a youtube channel. Of course nothing has been uploaded because we still have some planning to do. Like what kind of youtube channel should we make? Should it be howto or just random fun videos? So we have that to plan. We also have to come up with a name for our channel! I was thinking “Tiff&Jo”, but I’m open to pretty much anything. Almost everything. Note that I said “almost”. If you have any ideas forA aayoutube channel then comment your idea down below! I will come up with some ideas with my sister because, well, she is apart of the channel too! So this was only a short blog post because there wasn’t much to write about, but maybe sometime today I’ll write again i something interesting happens! Bye! 🙂