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OMG! I can’t really write for a long time because the laptop I’m using is running out of battery so that’s up. But If I type fast I can probably write quite a bit. But I really only have like about 25 minutes remaining. So… Don’t get your hopes up. That’s all I’m saying. Ugh. I started a story! If I keep writing a chapter a day I can probably publish this book by at least next year. I mean I guess I’mm also going to want to keep writing it again and again until I really like my own book. Plus my Mom needs to edit it. So that means my Mom has to read and I want it to be SO thick it takes a month for even my friend Adhira to read. She reads fast man. She finished an original Nancy Drew book in a day. Those are(pretty)thick! I mean there not the thickest books ever but, I couldn’t finish one in a day(unless I tried). Now I’m so excited about my book so I’m going to give you a sneek peek. I haven’t found a title for the book. Comment down below what the title should be.

“Evalyn Evils. The daughters daughter of Maleficent. Her Mom, Mallie. Not the most the most pretty name… But a name. Evalyn meant everything to Mallie. But one day Evalyn was pushed away… For her own good.”

So what did you think?! Comment down below what you think. I am excited to know so do it now or do it never. Actually no matter what just comment. Unless your not allowed. Then don’t. ‘Cause I don’t want you to get in trouble. That would be bad. Really bad