okay I haven’t blogged in S LONG time and I’m starting to feel bad. Actually I started feeling bad probably since last week. I mean how could I let this happen? Okay so yesterday I went to this new restaurant called Kinjo. It’s in Canada. Actually I don’t even know if it’s a a restaurant that could also be in the United states probably because I’ve never heard of this place before… But you never know. Or I just don’t know. Yaaaaaaaaaaa, okay. It’s a sushi and grill or grill and sushi. I don’t know. It is SO good there. But I think our waiter underestimated me and my sister. She gave me and my sister a special pair of chopsticks that are supposed to be easy to use. But of course I didn’t know that. Nor did my sister know. So we took the chopsticks apart and used them as normal chopsticks. Soon enough I figured out they were special chopsticks. Actually my Mom just told me. But it’s like it makes a difference right(or does it)? As soon as my Mom told me as was like “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. But that’s a story for another time. Wait I’m talking about it right now. usually I have much more to say. Probably because I talk a lot. When I’m around family that is. Or basically my Uncle Wayne. Then I laugh. Then I bring it up again the next time see him. What am I talking about right now. What I’m really trying to say is that Kinjo is a really great restaurant and you should try it. If you know where to find it. Guess what you get free pocky!