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Guess what!? I’m NOT doing a another post about my sadness of my dog going. Which in  reality is good. In fantasy… You don’t want to know. But just a hint… You would be swimming furiously in my tears. But oh boy!!! Today I went to my aunts baby shower!!! It was fabulous!! I got to keep some of the pom poms to hang in my room! Oh they’ll look great in my room!!! Oh my sister got some to.  The thing is my family kinda relied on the leftovers for dinner and… We can’t find our tray of rice. Soooo that kinda sucked. But everything’s fine now because were going to have

  • Butter Chicken
  • Naan bread
  • Pasta with cheese on top(yummy!)!!

Honestly even though the party was great I’m glad to just be home and have dinner and relax. Though my idea of relax is watching youtube or TV… But you know what??? Blogging is just as fun. I mean I love to tell about my life and what’s going on and stuff like that. Speaking of fun guess what I wore to the baby shower today???! Some tights, a puffy plaid dress with a thin pink sweater on top. I would show you what it looks like but 1: Idon’t have picture and 2: I don’t know how to post pictures on here. But I do know a little about posting pictures… Just not a lot. I mean I’m not clueless… but I just don’t know much.

Well I really should be going now.



Ya know what? I’m feeling fine. My dog left on Nov.24 2015. But I know he’s happy. He got to sleep on the bed with the people yesterday . Actually it was more like on the people with the bed… Well whatever it is I’m happy. Things won’t go my way every time. I’ve learned a lesson that will help me someday. That’s a fact. Now usually I would be sad… I still am a little bit. But now that I know Odis is happy… It helped me to realize, I need to do what’s best for him. I need to think about how to make him happy. If that means I have to give him away then… I’m okay with it. Right now I feel happy. Happy for Odis. I had my fun with Odis. Now it’s time to wish him the best and stop worrying about what will happen and focus about what coming towards me. A world full of wonder and joy is waiting for me. As much as I love Odis… I can’t wait to see what coming up. As I heard one time…

” You Have To Fight Through Rough Times To Earn The best Days Of Your Life” I totally forgot who wrote that quote… But I know it helped me. I just want to wish the happiest of all happy lifetimes.

Message For Odis: Everyday now and then I think about the days we spent together. I gave you treats… and you ate even more. I fed you once. I thought it was fun getting to see you snarf down your food.

Tiffany London

November 25. 2015

Nov… Ya know what I’m going to say the WHOLE date.

November 24, 2015(A.K.A. the day my dog drove away)

Today I’m going to write everything I possibly know about my dog.His name was Odis. He was everything to me. Odis was apart of our family. Then he just drifted away, like snow on the highway. Was he really apart of our family? Did people love him? Was me and my sister the only ones to really feel him. My Mom had moments. Obviously not powerful enough to stop Odis from drifting away. Will I ever feel the same way again. That moment Odis jumped in the car. Feeling a bit anxious to start a new life, with people he knew that would love him. I’m worried what would happen if we found him a new home? We did. Is it okay to be sad? What about super sad? Yes it is. I told all my friends. They didn’t seem to understand enough. I didn’t know what to do. I feel like nobody can understand my feelings except for me. My Mom tries to explain to me the real reason for this. The real reason were giving him up. But do I want to know? Yes… and no. I don’t know. I feel nobody will understand. Odis was everything to me. My childhood friend. Dora wasn’t exactly friend. Neither was Pablo. Odis is. But who knows if I’ll ever get to see him again. Frankly who cares? I feel sad. I feel like I never been more passionate about anything else. I’ve never been more committed to anything more than Odis. Now, this memory… Is gone. I want a childhood memory. Not an adulthood memory. My wish… is to just keep Odis. Even if it’s just for a month, week or day. I’m not trying to be rude. I understand that we have to do what’s best for him. I get it. But… I don’t know if I’ll ever feel so happy ever again. When my Mom and Dad signed that  piece of paper. Saying Odis was ours. I’ll never feel the same way again. JUST KIDDING!!!! I mean I miss him but, really?

A Message For Odis: I love you to the bottom of my heart. You meant sooooooooooooooo much to me. The day I saw you… I knew you were the one. We came back for you. Nodoggy else. Just you. I want to wish you the best. Anyways…

Tiffany London

November 24, 2015

I’m still sad. Nothing will really cheer me up. Except…

  • Me and my sister get out own puppies
  • Me and my sister will win the American Girl contest
  • Go to Toys R Us

Ya know what? I’m going to changer the title to

“My Dog Eats Snow p. 2”.

Yes you heard me. Well actually you didn’t “hear” me… Oh what does it matter? If you actually think about it, this would make a great story. But please don’t steal it from me. If you think that is a good idea, forget you even clicked on this post. I’m serious. No really I am. Don’t you joke with me! No you… Uh Uhn!!! But you… Except, ya okay. You, just… Don’t even speak to me! Oh let’s get back on track. What was I talking about? Hold on I need to read my post over… Okay let’s see… About Odis!!! Right… So is it okay to end the blog early? By any chance? You get it right? Okay sooooo many question marks, I’m only ten! But I’m REALLY sorry but I’m sooooo tired so, yes I am going to end this post early.

Bye awesome people!(don’t suspect anything)

Hello. I’m not exactly excited, but not sad either. What am I? I don’t know… Confused? Last Monday my parents clarified we were giving away Odis(my dog). Since then family’s have been coming to see Odis. I mean family’s come to see family’s. But in this case they’re coming to see a dog. BUT IT’S MINE!!!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!(that’s me crying!) I’m definitely SAD!!!!! Also did you know my dog likes to eat snow???! Every time I walk to school with Odis He has his snout in  the snow. Then he looks up and all you can see on his face that’s really stands out is his snout covered with snow! But that’s something I love about him! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

To be honest, I hope none of the family’s get Odis. I love him(i’m STILL crying if you didn’t know)! But anyways I’m going to get going now. Tell me if you have a dog and what’s it’s name is.

Bye. I would put an exclamation mark but… I’m to sad

Hey guy’s!!!!. It’s been a while since I uploaded a outfit idea!

Or uploaded anything at all. Well then…

Today I’m going to tell you 2 outfit ideas and also stay until the very end because I’m going to reveal the quiz questions from my last post. Soooooooo… Let’s get to it!

1: If you just want to be warm but still kinda stylish like going out somewhere you are going to like this! Throw on a patterned shirt. Since we already have some colour to our outfit we going to put on some jeans. Could be skinny or loosen it up a bit and add a belt(either way, it works). To stay warm put on a one coloured sweater. To finish it off throw on a thick knit sweater. You’re finished!

2: If you having a lazy day and you’re just planning to stay home but want to something pleasant but comfortable this is the post you have been waiting for! Let’s face it, we all have that really comfy sweater or tee that you just want to wear every single day of your life. Unless you don’t. That, that would not be good. In this case. Anyway’s… put that on and pull on a pair of legging’s. Who doesn’t like legging’s? People who don’t like legging’s!!! THAT’S WHO!!!!!! Were are done with this outfit. believe it or not. IT’S TRUE!!!!!

Now to reveal the quiz answer’s!

1: I’m 10 year’s old. STILL TRUE!!!!

2: My favourite sport is soccer.

3: I think I called my fans lifeslaughing fans but I might not have because maybe I forgot? Ya okay.

4: My favourite froyo flavour is green tea, but birthday cake is good too.

5: My name is Tiffany. SAVE IT IN YOUR BRAIN!!!!

That was very very very very very very very very very very very very very very weird.

Now the looooooooooooooooooooooong good bye. get ready.



Moo! It’s a cow noise.

Don’t tell me you never heard that before!

Anywayyyy’s today we are doing a quiz. Now you might think it’s a boring quiz…BUT NO!!!!! This quiz is called the ze quiz. So I just going to ask you a bunch of questions about me that I have mentioned in my other blog’s sooooooooooo. Let’s get started!I will also have some trick questions…

1: How old am I?

2: What is my favourite sport?

3: What did I call my fans the day I post a blog post?

trick questions!!!

1: out of ALL ice cream flavours which one would I choose?

one more!

2: What is my name?

If you know any of the answer’s to any of these questions comment below what they are.