Well, the airshow was really exciting! In a good and bad way… We watched a lot of pilots fly their jets and saw helicopters too! When the Snowbirds were just about to perform it starting raining. Wait, no, pouring! Yep everyone was getting soaked. My sister, Mom and I ran into a plane where a bunch of other people were. My Dad went to go a get our blanket and hats when it started raining so he had to wait under a tent. All of a sudden a lady came into the plane saying we had to get out of the plane because there was a tornado warning! Luckily when we got out the rain stopped. It was still kinda drizzling though so we waited for my Dad under a plane wing. Soon all of us walked back to our car. There was a long lineup of cars, but we left pretty quickly. We soon got some dinner at an Italian restaurant. The food was pretty good. I was happy to be eating. After dinner we got gas and drove home. So, that’s how it went. If you were there it would be more interesting. Now… umm. This is awkward. Bye! 🙂